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CIS Air Products takes great pride in being a leading provider of air distribution solutions for Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Central Florida, offering an extensive range of products from industry-leading manufacturers. Our comprehensive selection includes various options such as grilles, diffusers, air filtration equipment, and specialized exhaust fans. We provide cutting-edge solutions for any size project with an experienced in-house estimating team to ensure a smooth process from pre-construction coordination through project completion. Our relationships with premier vendors paired with our extensive knowledge, timely workflows, and quality execution allows CIS Air Products to deliver the most innovative air distribution solutions from design to installation. Whether you need to optimize air flow, improve indoor air quality, or enhance ventilation, our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect solution. With our commitment to customer service, quality, and excellence, you can trust CIS Air Products to deliver reliable and effective air distribution solutions for your projects.

Optimizing Air Distribution for Commercial HVAC Systems

Efficient air distribution is more than just ventilation and duct systems —it’s about creating a comfortable, energy-efficient environment. At CIS Industries, we design commercial HVAC solutions to enhance indoor air quality, control temperature, and manage humidity, ensuring balanced and comfortable air distribution throughout your facility.

Our trained commercial HVAC experts and mechanical engineers offer energy savings system design and redesign.

Types of Air Distribution Systems for Commercial Buildings

Choosing the right air distribution system is crucial for commercial buildings. At CIS Industries, our team excels in offering diverse systems customized to the unique needs of each commercial space. Whether you need a packaged system or custom type of system, our commercial HVAC experts aim to deliver high efficiency. The goal is to help save money on energy bills.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems

VAV Systems deliver air at different temperatures and flow rates from an Air Handling Unit (AHU). They’re popular in commercial spaces for adapting to diverse heating and cooling needs in multiple zones. Unlike other systems, VAV systems use flow control to effectively manage each zone’s climate while maintaining minimum flow rates.

Constant Air Volume (CAV) Systems

Common in existing commercial buildings, CAV systems are a simple type of air distribution. They have continuous airflow when the supply fan is on, with no variation in fan power, discharge dampening at the fan, or dampening at the terminal points of the duct runs. A smart thermostat regulates the temperature within each zone, providing a comfortable working environment.

Air Distribution Design

An efficient HVAC system starts with a carefully designed air distribution plan. At CIS Industries, our experienced professionals specialize in creating custom designs that seamlessly match your commercial space’s architecture and operational needs. Using the latest technology and industry best practices, our design team crafts a personalized plan.

Right-sizing an HVAC system means choosing equipment and designing the air distribution system to precisely match the expected heating and cooling needs of a building. This calculation focuses on conditions during the design load day rather than extreme weather.

Early integration of HVAC considerations in the design phase ensures proper space allocation and identifies potential conflicts with the building’s structure for optimal system performance. Considerations for both supply and return sides are crucial to avoid comfort issues.

Duct Design and Materials

In commercial buildings, the significance of duct design and materials cannot be overstated when it comes to enhancing air flow and energy efficiency. A well-considered duct system design ensures that air circulates efficiently throughout the building, promoting balanced temperatures and creating a comfortable indoor environment. Properly designed ducts minimize air resistance, reducing the workload on HVAC systems and contributing to energy savings. The choice of appropriate materials for duct construction is equally crucial. Optimal materials, such as those with smooth interiors to facilitate smooth air flow, help in maintaining the efficiency of the system. Additionally, well-insulated ducts prevent unnecessary heat loss or gain, further optimizing energy usage and promoting a sustainable and cost-effective operation of the commercial HVAC system.

Selecting the right materials for ductwork in commercial buildings also influences the longevity and maintenance of the HVAC system. Durable materials contribute to a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. Moreover, materials that resist wear and tear ensure that the ducts maintain their structural integrity over time, preventing air leaks and maintaining the desired air flow. In summary, the thoughtful integration of effective duct design and suitable materials is pivotal for achieving optimal air flow, energy efficiency, and long-term performance in commercial buildings.

Ducts in Older Structures

The importance of duct design and materials becomes particularly pronounced for older structures that may exhibit issues like leaky ducts and poor duct configuration. Older buildings often feature outdated HVAC systems with ductwork that may have developed leaks over time, leading to inefficiencies in air distribution and energy loss.

Upgrading the duct system in these buildings becomes imperative to address these shortcomings. By implementing modern duct design principles and utilizing advanced materials, such as those with improved insulation and durability, older buildings can undergo a significant transformation. Upgrades not only rectify existing problems but also contribute to enhanced air flow, improved energy efficiency, and a more sustainable and cost-effective operation, ensuring that these commercial spaces remain functional and comfortable for occupants in the long run.

Air Distribution Supplies

Our commitment to excellence is present in our collaboration with the industry’s leading manufacturers. CIS provides a wide range of in-stock air distribution supplies, including top-notch grilles, diffusers, HVAC air handlers, dampers, advanced air filters, and specialized exhaust fans. When you choose CIS Industries, you’re selecting products that meet the highest durability, efficiency, and innovation standards.

Air Distribution Mechanical Experts

Our skilled mechanical experts are the foundation of our exceptional service commitment. With years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of commercial heating and cooling systems, our HVAC technicians bring expertise that distinguishes us from other HVAC companies. Whether it’s HVAC installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, or repairs, CIS Industries ensures your air distribution system operates efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

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