Mechanical Solutions

At CIS Mechanical Solutions, our experienced technical sales team is equipped to provide tailored assistance across a wide range of HVAC needs. With a deep understanding of the industry’s top applied HVAC equipment products, we offer comprehensive support from initial design to project completion.

Our team, comprised largely of degreed engineers, brings invaluable expertise to every stage of your project, ensuring that your unique requirements are met with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re in need of equipment selection guidance, technical expertise, or project management support, CIS Mechanical Solutions is your trusted partner for all your HVAC needs.

HVAC Solutions

CIS Mechanical Solutions takes the lead in the HVAC industry, providing cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise for retrofitting existing structures or designing and constructing new builds. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your projects receive unparalleled support, setting new standards in efficiency and innovation.

Top manufacturers supply our equipment, ensuring it’s designed to meet a wide range of applications efficiently and effectively.

We bring extensive expertise to every stage of the design and construction process, catering to the needs of owners, architects, engineers, and contractors alike.

With an understanding of building design and control mechanisms, we excel in managing costs without compromising on quality, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

Committed to fostering strong partnerships and delivering exceptional customer service, we prioritize your satisfaction every step of the way.

HVAC Equipment

Commercial HVAC Equipment at CIS Industries

At CIS Industries, our mechanical equipment division is one of the region’s most diversified manufacturers’ representative firms. We have a skilled team ready to help you choose and design the right HVAC products. We’re a leading commercial HVAC company, collaborating with industry leaders to offer a variety of solutions for your needs.

HVAC Equipment Sizing and Materials

The proper sizing of HVAC system equipment holds paramount importance in the efficient operation of commercial buildings. Our experts work with building architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment meets the needs of the building. This promotes optimal comfort for occupants and energy savings for building owners.

Choosing the right size and system is key for optimal HVAC performance. At CIS Industries, we use advanced technology and best practices to select the right-sized HVAC systems and equipment for your business or industrial space. Our team takes a judicious approach to sizing HVAC equipment to maintain indoor comfort, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in the operation of commercial buildings.

Undersized systems may struggle to maintain desired temperatures, leading to increased energy consumption and wear on components, while oversized systems may cycle on and off frequently, resulting in inefficiencies and unnecessary energy expenditures.

Collaborate with CIS for cutting-edge HVAC solutions. We represent top HVAC manufacturers and have experienced engineers ready to meet your project objectives and timeline.

Project Design & Support

Our commitment to excellence extends to each of your project’s phases. Our skilled team provides comprehensive project design and support services, ensuring your HVAC system meets your specific requirements. Whether it’s a new design project or a system upgrade, we have the expertise to guide you through the design process, offering solutions that optimize performance and energy efficiency.

HVAC System Project Management

CIS Industries can oversee every aspect of your HVAC project desi, from conception to completion. Our reliable project management team ensures seamless coordination, timely execution, and adherence to the highest quality standards. You can trust us to deliver your HVAC equipment and projects on time and within budget.

Innovative Commercial HVAC Solutions

In our rapidly evolving industry, innovation is crucial. At CIS Industries, we use the latest technology and eco-friendly practices for HVAC design and installation, meeting our clients’ changing needs.

This allows us to provide custom solutions for your current needs and anticipate and adapt to future challenges. Our innovative approach ensures your HVAC systems stay efficient, reliable, and cost-effective in the long run.

At CIS Industries, we prioritize environmental responsibility by focusing on energy-efficient HVAC solutions. This not only cuts costs but also contributes to a greener future. We help clients save energy without compromising performance, leading to lower bills and a positive impact on the environment.

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